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Water, Sanitation and Environment

SAIPEH is also involved in water and environment. So far SAIPEH has helped the community to access clean water by protecting springs and digging borehole. The community provides sand, stones, and unskilled labour while SAIPEH pays for the skilled labour, cement, pipes and training. The community forms a water users committee to ensure the spring/borehole is we used and maintained. This has reduced water bone diseases, distanced taken for women to travel to water points and allowed women to use that time to do other jobs.


SAIPEH has also mobilized the community for what is dubbed as ‘community service’ that involves cleaning market centres, filling potholes on roads, planting tree and riverbank protection. The peer educators, community members, teams that participate in football matches and schools are involved in this.

SAIPEH TEAM inspecting a newly constructed water well. Photo: SAIPEH

SAIPEH works with schools to ensure sanitation education on cleanliness is upheld by students and also construction of classrooms.